Riding Boots

Riding Boots (1)

Riding Boots

Description : KOGIASART shoe workshop with a history of over 100 years in the manufacture of shoes (1910) produces riding boots of all types, Italian, German, etc.

We use the finest materials and the construction is custom made to yours requirements. Our history and experience guarantee perfect construction and perfect application at the most reasonable prices. Our boots are compared only to the best boots abroad but our prices are incomparably better.

You will be proud of your boots and you will feel great with the perfect fit and excellent materials.

We also produce boots for both men and women, from 35 in number and over two molds in the nose, that is, pointed and square. Generally the variety of our constructions will impress you.

Contact us for any questions or visit us.

We only want very pleased customers, that's why our boots are small masterpieces so that you are completely satisfied and you can come back...

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